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Premade Covers Shop

What is a premade cover?

Premade covers are original designs created by us here at Lizard Ink Studio. If you see a cover that suits a project you're working on, could replace the cover of a book you've already published, or which simply inspire a new story idea in you, you can purchase the design and replace the title (if needed) and add your name in the author space. All premade designs are sold as E-book only covers, however, for an additional fee we can turn the design into a full paperback or hardcover wrap. We can also continue the design into more books for a matched series.

Unless stated otherwise, all designs are sold as-is except for the text. Edits to designs may be made at an additional fee, at the designer's discretion. All images, fonts, and elements included in the covers are ethically and legally sourced. Standard stock licenses may apply.

Our premade designs are NEVER resold! They are exclusive to their buyer and will be removed from our shop once purchased.

Once purchased, your design will be edited with your info and delivered within 3 days.

If you have questions about our premade covers, please contact us.

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