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Book Cover Packages

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There is no element of your book more crucial to sales than its cover.

That's a pretty bold statement, and we stand by it. The cover of your book has to do so many jobs, and it must do them all correctly in order to win readers' attentions (and money). The average reader judges a book by its cover (even if they swear they don't) within a matter of seconds. In that miniscule timeframe, your cover must convey genre, age range, mood, setting, intended audience, whether its the first in a series or third, and what emotions the story will deliver to its reader. If it sounds like a lot--it is, and that's why we know your cover deserves professional, thoughtful treatment.

We don't cut corners. We don't copy and paste. We strategically and purposefully design gorgeous art that not only complements your story and holds to your vision, but which finds the right readers and makes you stand out on shelves both virtual and physical.

Packages & pricing

Basic Ebook Package.jpg


  • Digital ebook cover

  • Hi-Res JPEG Ready to Upload

  • 1 Concept

  • NO royalties!

  • NO stock photo fees!

  • 3 revisions

  • Free 3D Mockup



Paperback Package copy.jpg


Everything in E-book package plus:

  • Front, spine, & back design for paperback

  • Hi-Res PDF Ready to Print

  •  5 total revisions

  • 3 additional 3D mockups - your choice of styles!

  • Cover reveal teaser 3D mockup

  • ISBN-generated barcode



Diamond Package.jpg


Everything in E-book & Print package plus:

  • Mini promo kit including

    • Bookmark design

    •  Business card design

    • 2 Sticker designs

    • 5 additional 3D mockups



YOU, ME, AND THE FLEA copy.png

We do illustrated covers!

Sometimes stock materials just don't cut it. If you would like a custom, hand-illustrated cover, let us know and we will put together a quote based on your brief! 


Digital Box Set Design: $99

Upgrade to your choice of THREE concepts: $149

30 min Video Chat to Discuss Cover Direction: $79

Audiobook Cover: $49

Rush Fee (Under 7 Days Turnaround): varies; contact us for estimate

Dust Jacket with flaps: $149

Custom Hand-Illustrated Cover: Varies. Contact for quote.

Don't see what you need? If you have a special request or have questions about any of our services, contact us! We are happy to create custom packages that fit all your needs.

Open Books


You've done the hard work--writing that novel! It's a huge accomplishment many dream of but never achieve. Time to kick back, enjoy a well-earned break, and let the designer handle the cover.

We are professionals with one goal: to help you sell more books! And we know how crucial the right cover is to achieve this goal. You're competing against millions of other authors, many independent, many from powerhouse traditional publishers. And the main thing that sells your book is the cover. Your cover has to A) catch the reader's attention, B) convey the genre, C) convey the mood, D) convey the age range, and E) promise a good story.

After a decade working in publishing, we know how important a cover is and all the work it must do, which is why we want you to be confident in our expertise. After all, that is why you're hiring a designer, no? We absolutely welcome your ideas and suggestions, but ask that you also leave room for us to do what we do best, which is to translate your awesome story into an awesome cover that will not only stay true to your vision--but will also capture readers from the very instant they see it. We adhere to these tried-and-true design principles to create covers that sell:

1) SIMPLICITY. By not cluttering a cover with too many ideas and objects, we will instantly convey the most important messages of the story. This includes using carefully and purposefully chosen fonts, cohesive color palettes, and a focused design with immediate impact.

2) AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. After thoroughly learning about your book, we can accurately present the emotions of the story, be it light & fluffy, dark & gritty, or something in between. Readers are emotional creatures, and an emotionally-charged cover will hook them at once. But it's important that the promised mood of the cover reflect the mood delivered by your story.

3) READER-TARGETED DESIGNIf you've written a sword & sorcery fantasy novel, don't miss out on sales by presenting a cover more suited to memoir or thrillers. We know the difference, and we will make sure your potential readers immediately know what kind of story you've written--and that it's perfect for them.

4) QUALITYThis is critical to your book's success. You've written a high-quality story; your cover should match that. Plus, the competition isn't sparing any cost to produce stunning, professional covers. To make your cover the best it can be, we source only the highest quality images and art available, and sometimes this means passing on one cover concept in favor of another if the art isn't up to snuff.

With all this in mind: we want to know your target audience, your story's mood, themes, and plot, the 1 or 2 genres it best fits, and what other titles you would compare it to. We will then incorporate all of this information to create the best cover for your book. That's our job, and it's a promise we make to you. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority, and we value your trust in our skills, experience, and creative guidance. 

Design Process


After choosing your package and add-ons, contact us to place your order. Once you've paid 50% of the total price and agreed to the terms & conditions, your commission will be booked and design work can begin. The remainder of your payment will be due upon approval of the final design.


Fill out our questionnaire to help us learn about your story and generate discussion of what cover will best suit your story, readership, and brand. This is a collaborative process, and we welcome your ideas--or you can relax and let us do all the heavy lifting. But we NEVER move forward on a concept until you've approved it.


We send you a concept of your cover, you give us feedback, and we incorporate it into the next draft. This process continues with as many revisions as your package allows. By the end of the 2-3 week process, you'll have a stunning cover ready to upload and print.

Book set.png

Your books are awesome.
They deserve to look awesome.

Let the Lizard help.

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