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Hello Writer!

You've put in the hours to make your story shine.

Now's the part where we come in.

Lizard Ink is an energetic, modern design studio with ten years' experience in the publishing world. We know books. We know authors. We know design. We know how to take your novel and brand to the next level. Browse our work and get in touch to find out how our serdvices can elevate your story's packaging, boost your sales, and help you define and communicate your brand online and IRL.


Take control of your brand.

Wow readers with gorgeous interior art.

Sell books as beautiful as the stories they hold.

What we promise


We won't be coy about it: our #1 goal is to create designs that make you and your books look GOOD. Whether it's a stunning, attention-grabbing cover, sumptuous illustrations, a cohesive, fresh branding package, or a fully functional and attractive website, our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals, and look stylish and professional while doing it.


To achieve the most effective design for you, we will stay true to your vision and goals for your books, while balancing the tried and true conventions of genre with designs that are fresh and inventive. To do this, we first gain thorough understanding of your story and authorial brand through clear communication and a comprehensive questionnaires.


We are proud to present you with appealing design, cohesive packaging, and high quality materials, ensuring readers are captivated the moment they see your book or land on your website or social media page. After all, your stories deserve nothing less than a professional package. You can be confident that we source only the best images and fonts available--no cutting corners. 


Before we ever put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) we make sure we have all the details and a clear grasp of your goals. Then, once we begin work, we stay in regular contact with you so that you have ample opportunity to weigh in and see how things are going. Our process is as transparent as possible, and we welcome your questions, feedback, and comments.


Paperback Package copy.jpg


No aspect of a book has greater impact on a potential reader than the cover. Let us design a cover that reaches the right readers in the right market. Eye-catching design paired with gorgeous art and high quality fonts will make your book stand out from the pack. 

Maps &

Our signature maps are true showstoppers. Whether in classic black and white or brilliant full color, they make stunning additions to any novel, as well as sumptuous posters that can be framed for your home or offered to eager readers. We also offer interior illustration such as chapter headings and title page art.

Highly limited availability! Book soon!

Color Map Interior.png
Map Mockup Interior copy.png


A website is crucial to success in the modern publishing world. It is home base for your books, readers, and brand--so it's essential that it be as strong as possible. We can make your website clean, informative, and professional, without sacrificing stunning design. We can also help you set up web hosting, domain names, and even your SEO, making you shine in the search results. And we offer monthly website maintenance, so your readers are always up to date on what you're writing next.

Website mockup.png


Whether you're an independent author or traditionally published, a cohesive, thoughtfully designed set of promotional materials is key to brand recognition and connecting with readers. Our smart print and digital branding will ensure that you leave a memorable and professional impression with your audience, whether its online or in person.

Promo Bundle.png

Your books are awesome.
They deserve to look awesome.

Let the Lizard help.

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